Looking For A Good Aircon Sale?

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How do I know which promotion and sale is good? What do I need to look out for?

We’re in the age of digital marketing and on our mobile phones, we see never-ending promotions, sales and sometimes rock-bottom prices!

Well, first and foremost, always check out the company background first. See the websites, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, etc.. After looking through all these, you will have some feel of the company. 

Next, contact the company via any means you prefer and chat with someone. Giving their office a phone call would be preferred rather than WhatsApp on their mobile. 

Lastly, always find out what is included for the price given. They are some companies that offer prices-so-low that you’ll end up only with the aircon units lying around in your living room. The aircon units are not going to get fixed on the wall on it’s own. 

Ensure installation is included and with premium materials. If you’e unsure what kind of materials are considered premium, fret not. Just refer to our Premium Materials Page for more details.

Now in this COVID-19 environment, most people would stay away from heading to crowded places like expo’s and warehouse sales. So, look out for aircon companies that has a full-fledged aircon e-commerce store in Singapore that is highly detailed equipped with all he information you need. For this, we recommend www.lifestyleguru.com.sg as we are the most detailed e-commerce store. 

You can browse through catalogues of each brand, make and model. We even have suitable aircon systems that helps filter your home and to make it free from virus and bacteria. Whether it is Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion,  Panasonic Aircon Promotion or Daikin Aircon Promotion, we have it all.

Just order online, make payment online and wait for the installer to come for a site survey and install. If anything happens in between, don’t worry. The warranty is there to save you from any aircon nightmares.

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