Where do I go to buy an aircon system for my home?

An aircon is a must-have item for all households in Singapore. Aircons used to be a “want”. Today, it has become a “need” to have at least 1 unit installed in every household. 

Buying an aircon isn’t as easy as it isn’t cheap. Especially for newlyweds who just got the keys to their new house. Just paid for a BTO, paid for renovation package and now an aircon system for your home. 

Since buying an aircon isn’t going to be cheap, you should really stretch the dollar as much as possible. Get an aircon that provides additional functions. Not only keep you cool at home but also cleans the air and pays for itself. How to select an aircon that actually pays for itself. How can your aircon actually pay for itself? Check out the full details here.

As we all know, Singapore goes through an annual cycle of haze. When it comes, it gets pretty bad at times. Since you’re already getting an aircon for your home, best to get one that’s protects you and your loved ones from PM2.5 particles as well. For this, there are a few models that you can look into here

Once you’ve cleared up on how to stretch your dollar by maximising the function of your aircon, next is to see the immediate savings. Where, when and how to buy. 


No. 1 most important rule, buy from a reputable aircon company. The term reputable is a bit difficult to define. Well, you can look at online reviews, read up on the company, ensure that warranties given out previously were honoured, chat with the company’s representative and have a good feel of the few shortlisted sellers. Most people usually flock to Expo Sales to check out the different aircon brands up for sale. Expo’s are definitely a good way as you have almost all the aircon companies in Singapore setting up booths and competing. But all that’s needed to sway your perception and objective on which aircon is most suitable for you is just a really good salesman. Sometimes, you may even spend more than you wanted to.


Why go through all the hassle of travelling from your home to the Expo and jostle through the crowd of bargain-seekers when you can get exactly what you’re looking for all from the comfort of your home? You can compare almost any aircon brand of your choice directly within the same site. See the difference prices, specifications and even customize options for different needs or BTU for different rooms all in one place. This place is at https://www.lifestyleguru.com.sg/ . A one-stop-shop for all your aircon needs. If after looking and you’re still unsure, just chat over Facebook Messenger https://www.facebook.com/lifestyleguru.sg/ . If you’re still unsure, just give a call at 6454 5225. 


Buying an aircon is never easier. The best part, you can choose various payment modes for your purchase. Online purchases made possible by Lifestyle Guru By Natural Cool.

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