• CU-4XU33YBZ (System 4) X-PREMIUM

CU-4XU33YBZ (System 4) X-PREMIUM

  • Price: $4,450.00

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    FREE UPGRADE & UPSIZE INSTALLATION MATERIAL                           




    5 year on compressor     

    1 year on other spare parts                                    

    1 year on workmanship

    Price quoted is for HDB apartments only. 

    Additional charges may apply for private properties due to design layout & complexity in installation.

    * Arrange for free site survey & get a quote.


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  1. Use PSB certified quality material or material from reliable manufacturers for your installation work.
  2. Take steps to ensure that all copper pipes are PSB certified, of the correct size and thickness. Never ever replace copper pipings with Aluminium pipes.
  3. Choose the right thickness  and class for your insulation tubes and be sure to check if they are PSB certified.
  4. Only engage the service of reputable contractors for quality assurance, even down to parts support.
  5. Choose the right spot to install the fan coil. This is to ensure that air flow distribution is even.
  6. The cooling capacity and model type are things to take into consideration, especially if you do not want to end up with an air-conditioning system that is either undersized or oversized.
  7. All else being equal, choose an inverter air-conditioning system over the viable alternatives so as to be energy efficient. On top of being environmentally friendly, you also stand to save on electric bills.
  8. Choose an aircon system that received an excellent energy efficiency rating under the Singapore Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme.
  9. Use premium quality stainless steel brackets (Endorsed by Certified Engineer) for mounting your Condensing Unit.

How To Select The Right Cooling Capacity For Your Room?


It is very important to match the right cooling capacity of your air-conditioner against your room size.

Cooling capacity of air-conditioners are measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units).

BTU is the international measure for energy. A BTU is the amount of heat needed to raise 1 pound of water by 1 degree fahrenheit. In HVAC industry, BTUs measure the quantity of heat a conditioning unit can remove from a room per hour*.


*1 BTU per hour is equal to 0.293 watt-hour.

*1 watt is approximately 3.412 BTU per hour.


What happens if BTU rating is too high or too low?

A room installed with a higher BTU air-conditioner than it requires will cycle off the air too quickly, resulting in higher humidity levels in the room. On the other hand, a room installed a lower BTU air-conditioner will not be adequate enough to cool the room, and may take a much longer time to cool down.


How to calculate the correct BTU for your room?

Calculate the area by multiplying the length and width of the room. Refer to the table below for the required cooling capacity (BTU) for each room.






7 to 14

80 to 150


15 to 18

151 to 200


19 to 22

201 to 240


23 to 28

241 to 300


29 to 32

301 to 340


33 to 38

341 to 400





  1. Our sales consultant will call you to check for available installation dates. You will also be advised accordingly should any additional charges be incurred.
  2. In the event of complex installations, we will arrange for a site survey before setting up the installation dates.
  3. Stainless steel brackets and power points are not included.
  4. Installation works excludes dismantling and make good of any fittings, built-in wardrobe, cabinets, box up partitions, ceiling partitions, etc.
  5. Standard installation only.
  6. Refunds are not possible upon installation.
  7. Full payment must be made prior to the commencement of any installation work.



What is included?


FREE Full Installation within 15 meters per fancoil from condensing unit without

obstruction from objects posed by ID fixtures, wardrobe, cabinets, etc


FREE Dismantlement & Disposal of Old Aircon Systems


FREE Upgrade & Upsize Installation Material Package

Benefit of upgrading your insulation to 12.7mm (1/2 inch)

Insulation is the material used to cover the copper pipes. A thicker insulation helps

to better control air conditioner pipework from condensation. Energy cost is reduced

through improved insulation against heat loss and gain. This it does by increasing

resistance to water vapour thus preventing condensation drip line and water leakage issues.


* PSB Certified ARMAFLEX Insulation with Upsize Thickness of 12.7mm (1/2 Inch)

* PSB Certified NYFLEX Refrigerant Copper Pipes of 22 Standard Wire Gauge

* PSB Certified SIGMA or KEYSTONE Electrical Wire

* PSB Certified NCS uPVC Trunking

* PSB Certified SINGA PLASTICS uPVC Drain Pipe 16mm Diameter





Upsized 12.7mm (1/2 inch) professional insulations


* High U Factor

* Very high resistance to water vapour 

* Excellent Fire Safety Performance

* Increase Energy Efficiency

* PSB Singapore Certified

Upgraded high quality Gauge 22 SWG copper pipes


* 99.9% Copper & Silver

* Hydrostatic pressure tested up to 1000psi 

* PSB Singapore Certified

Condensation drip line and water leakage issues can typically be attributed to the use of inferior or thin insulation. By contrast, refrigerant copper pipes covered by thicker insulation afford the best protection against all condensation related issues.

A Thicker copper naturally withstands a higher gas pressure, just as the quality of the copper pipes can affect the lifespan of the air-conditioning system. Thinner and inferior copper pipes may result to gas leakage in the long run.



Flexible Plain Annealed Copper conductor wire cables


* Four Core Wires (4C40 & 3C70)

* Made in Singapore

* PSB Singapore Certified

High grade & quality uPVC trunking


* Flame, Impact, Ball pressure, Cover Retention,

  Electrical insulating strength, Insulation 

  Resistance and Glow Wire Tested.

* PSB Singapore Certified

There are many different grades of wire used in air conditioning installation. Many cheap, made in China wires do not meet specifications, using copper-clad aluminium or other metals instead of copper conductor. This could result in potential electrical disruptions, electrocution and fire hazards.

Low-grade trunking has a lower resistance to heat and impact. This could result to crack,  warp and surface deform. Making your new home unsightly.



Upsize 16mm high-quality uPVC drain pipes


* Corrosion resistant

* Solvent weld joining

* Smooth bore Increase hydraulic capacity

* PSB Singapore Certified

High-grade stainless steel bracket


* PE Certified

* Approve by BCA and HDB

* PSB tested

A bigger uPVC drain pipes (16mm) provides better water drainage flow and lower the chances of residue built up in the pipe which could lead to water leakage from the air conditioner.

It is important to install brackets that are tested and meet government regulations. Any short of that is against the law, and can result in fines and / or other penalties. You are required to change a new stainless steel bracket when replacing the condensing unit to ensure the quality and condition of it.


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