Prices reflected on this website are denominated in Singapore Dollars, and are understood to derive from the retail value of each item, inclusive of the GST tax and other sales tariffs that may apply thereto.

We reserve the right unequivocally to amend without prior notice, or likewise to remove the published price on any number of items. Where such changes entail a reduction expressed as savings, it is always a function of the usual ticketed price.

All cheques must be made payable to Lifestyle Guru Pte Ltd. No delivery of goods will be made until we receive the actual payment in full, that is, payable on demand either in our own right or as the manufacturer’s distributor. Furthermore, those payments received at sight via bank transfer or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) shall be reckoned just as definitively, and no other bills of exchange for the express purpose of facilitating your order, negotiable or otherwise, can be parleyed into a promissory substitute for cash on delivery.

It is not incumbent upon us to pre-empt, much less to prevent failures relating to your payment mode, nefarious activities (such as unauthorized use of your cards), or any host of scenarios over which we have no reasonable control. Within the confines of applicable law, we cannot be taken to task over any detriment to your income or financial data in turn resulting from such contingencies. We are by the same token obliged to bear in these matters no responsibility whatsoever.

Your Order

Take care to review your order carefully. Once sold, items are non-refundable. For all intents and purposes, an item is considered sold when you receive our automated confirmation in short order following your purchase.

Exchanges are contingent upon two extenuating circumstances; that is, that the request be made at least forty-eight hours prior to delivery, and if the item(s) you intend to exchange be counted not among those identified or else marked as “Indented”, “On Promotion”, “Display Set”, or “Clearance”. It is a given equally that only item(s) of equivalent or a lesser value are amenable to our exchange policy.

It bears emphasis that the possibility cannot be ruled out of transmission errors, whether these be engendered by software, telecommunications, or third-party inadequacies. Collateral loss or damage you may suffer, if any, cannot be imputed to us as negligence, nor be inferred to stem from any alleged culpability. To the extent that the law permits, this exclusion of liability shall, bar none, be extended to all manner of force majeure in connection with the use of our service.   

Delivery Services

Delivery service is applicable only to Singapore addresses. It is complimentary on purchases above 300 Singapore Dollars applicable for purchases made in a single invoice, to a single address in one trip, unless otherwise stated. Provided the point of delivery be on the ground floor or accessible via elevators. If we are unable to access the point of delivery, we will assess (at our own discretion), the feasibility of access via stairways or circuitous alleys, in which case we reserve the right to charge additional charges. We also reserve the right to rescind the delivery if we determine that there is no safe way of delivering the goods.          

Upon confirmation of your purchase, you may change your preferred timing by giving us a forty-eight hour notice in writing. Should you require re-scheduling within that period, you shall be liable for a fee of SGD50. The same applies when delivery is made at your designated time and point of collection but there is no authorised person to receive the goods.

Unless otherwise instructed, delivery shall be made to the address you provide on the Billing Form. Subsequent to order confirmation, re-direction of your item(s) to another address can be arranged at our discretion, for which you may incur an additional fee.

While every care is taken to deliver the item(s) at such time as would prove convenient to all parties, the delivery crew’s availability shall take precedence over other considerations of expediency. Due allowances must be made for traffic conditions in our capacity to meet the estimated time of delivery, at which you will be required to sign an acknowledgement of delivery form. This serves to conclude your transaction.


Purchases via our website fall under warranty protection vis-à-vis policies issued by the respective manufacturers, except for furniture which carries a 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects (not including wear and tear or misuse), unless otherwise stated. As far as concerns Lifestyle Guru, the warranty cards accompanying newly purchased products are not to be construed as carte blanche for restitution of any kind. Stipulations contained therein delineate no further terms of guarantee than are certain provisions from the product maker, to whom the replacement of goods or parts thereof found defective upon installation is to be taken up.

The following items are not covered by warranty: pillows, bolsters, mattress protectors, mini sofa beds, foam mattresses (under the bedding accessories category), home decorative, decorative accessories and all clearance and display items. Warranties do not cover wrongly assembled products that are assembled by the customer.